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The Indian Chemical Industry forms the backbone of the industrial and agricultural development of India and provides building blocks for downstream industries. The chemical industry which includes, as per National Industrial Classification, basic chemicals and its products, petrochemicals, fertilizers, paints and varnishes, gases, soaps, perfumes and toiletries and pharmaceuticals is one of the most diversified of all industrial sectors covering thousands of commercial products. The industry has a registered a growth of ~8-10% over the last few years and is currently estimated to be around USD 50 billion.

The relevance of the chemical industry to the overall manufacturing sector can be gauged by the fact that 'Basic chemicals and chemical products' account for 14% in overall Index of Industrial Production (IIP). On an average the chemicals segment has grown at a higher rate than the overall manufacturing industry.

The specialty chemicals segment including the knowledge chemicals constitutes about half of the Indian Chemical industry. The specialty chemicals segment caters to a large number of end use industries including construction, automotive, polymers, personal care, water treatment, textile, paints and coatings, etc. The knowledge chemicals segment caters to the key end use industries of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and bio- technology.

The specialty and knowledge chemicals industry combined has been growing at rates
higher than the overall chemical industry and is expected to continue to grow at 14%-15% p.a.


Genesis Focus: Is on product groups such as solvents, glycols, industrial chemicals, chlor-alkalis, ethoxylates, various organic and inorganic chemicals.

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