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The Indian food market is evolving and changing rapidly. Rise in per capita disposable income, growing urbanization and youth population is driving the acceptance of new/innovative products and trends of health, convenience and variety.

Indian processed food market is valued at US$ 15 Billion in 2013. The food ingredient market  is US$ 750 million in 2013. The market is growing a 7-8% per annum.

Along with socio-economic changes, lifestyle changes are playing a key role in driving demand for innovative food ingredients.


These are:
Growing no of nuclear families driving demand for convenience foods
Growing incidence of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, asthma and obesity is driving demand for healthy foods
Growing no of international exposure changing consumer preferences and taste

These changes have created a trend for products that meet the need of Health, Convenience, Natural and Variety

Currently, the key ingredients in India are food colours, flavours, sweeteners, antioxidants and antimicrobials, emulsifier and stabilizers. There are also a huge range of special ingredients like probiotics, prebiotics and bio-enzymes. In addition, there are bulk ingredients like dairy, oils, fats, sugars, basic proteins, emulsifiers, acidulants, phytochemicals, sweeteners, flavours, colours, enzymes, meat seasonings, bakery mixes, fruit preps, vitamin/mineral pre-mixes.


Genesis Focus: We focus on bakery, confectionary, snack, cereals, ice-cream and beverage markets within the food space.

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