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The personal care market in India is $7 billion. The personal care ingredients market is valued at $ 530 million in 2013 and is growing @10%.
What is the secret of your beauty!

The awareness about ubiquitous personal care products is perhaps matched only by misinformation about the chemicals that make these products what they are. From the metallic salts of fatty acids used to make the common bath soaps to the high end cosmoceuticals that combine the beauty related properties of cosmetics with the functional aspects are an integral part of personal care products.

Specialty chemicals are widely used in personal care products as active ingredients in the form of emollients, foaming agents, and stabilizers. Their performance characteristics like thickening, foaming, imparting smoothness and conditioning are the key functionalities sought in several personal care products.

Market segment analysis:

The Indian personal care industry can be segmented into hair care (31%), skin care (16%) , bath and shower (46%) oral care, colour cosmetics and fragrances (7%). Skin care as the fastest growing segment, valued at $ 180 million (Anti-ageing is the fastest growing sub-segment of skin care, followed by sun-care and herbals). Hair care market is valued at $ 200 million and colour cosmetics at $60 million.

Wash products like soaps and shower gels account for half of the consumption in personal care. Other key product categories for specialty chemicals applications include shampoo & conditioner, talc, hair oil, deodorants & fairness creams. Currently the main active ingredients being used in the Indian personal care market are classified as:

Skin lightening agents: Mostly used in fairness creams
Moisturizers and humectants: This is one of the largest classes of active ingredients as most skincare products offer better skin feel as a property. Hence they are used across creams, lotions, anti-ageing
Antimicrobials: They are used in soaps, handwash, bodywash
Conditioning agents: This segment is seeing growth due to increase in post hair wash products such as leave on conditioners
Anti-dandruff agents

Other active ingredients include products used for anti-aging such as Vitamins A, C and E, ingredients for antiperspirants and exfoliating ingredients such as Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids.


Genesis Focus: We focus on active ingredients, inactives and naturals within the cosmetic Ingredient space

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