Kriska Genesis Ingredients

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What We Provide


  • Strategic Sourcing: 

We analyse your needs, review the marketplace, understand the economics and usage of the suppliers, developing a procurement strategy and establish integrated working relationships with the suppliers. We offer a full line from identifying the best supply options from India, to negotiate the most competitive terms, ensure quality and due diligence

With our long-standing business contacts and market overview, Genesis is able to develop new and alternative sources for innovative ingredients. We can locate the most suitable supplier for your needs and provide tailor-made materials for high-end applications.
With our deep industry expertise, we can source any material you need while offering the perfect mix of cost-effectiveness, quality, and dependable supply. At the same time, we perfectly understand the importance of compliance with safety and environmental regulations and provide an unmatched understanding of the local regulatory challenges in the markets we serve.
With Genesis, you can expand your sourcing base and focus on growing your business.


  • Market Entry, Research and Intelligence:

We provide our partners with in-depth market and competitive intelligence which empowers them to take the right decisions, not leave money on the table and identify the right market orientated pricing.

As one of the fastest growing economies of the world, India offers unique and diverse opportunities in virtually all manufacturing and commercial sectors. Added to that, its market size, geographical location, favourable demographics, availability of skills in management, technology and an abundant availability of skilled labour force make it one of the most preferred destinations for foreign investment.

Our considerable experience, insight and knowledge of the Indian business environment have positioned us to assist international companies, to plan and implement their India-entry strategy.

- Market entry strategy
- Customer and partner identification
- Location analysis and office search
- Market research and profiling
- Competitive landscape
- Market trends
- M&A opportunities
- Executive search


  • Sales and Marketing:

We provide all necessary sales and marketing services for your products – from comprehensive market analysis and marketing concepts for new product solutions to promotional activities. With our deep market insights, industry experience and focus, we offer a highly personalized service to our customers who are looking for an alternate source of supply or from R&D stage and trials through to commercial production and create an everlasting success for you.


  • Distribution and Logistics:

Based on the customer needs we hold product inventory on ground in India thereby offering security of supply and peace of mind to our customers. Reach out to us for every aspect of the entire supply chain, including import and export management, warehousing solutions, and value-added services, such as labeling and packaging. 


  • Vendor Audits

At Genesis, vendor audit service is aimed at customers that require enhanced traceability and quality confirmation of suppliers for their manufacturing process and are designed to increase customer’s confidence through supplier validation. Through our carefully selected partners we evaluate vendors on multiple critical parameters to ensure quality. Our partners undertake GMP audits which cover qualification audit, follow-up audit, project audit and internal audit.

The primary areas that need to be evaluated in a vendor audit are vendor viability, management responsibility, system accuracy, and data integrity. The main objectives for a vendor audit are to assess the quality management of the whole organization, through its procedures and data processes. It is an assessment of quality control measures taken by the vendor to assure that their products and services are acceptable for business transaction.